Scarily Cool Halloween Game Ideas!

Spook-tacular Halloween game ideas for board game lovers and party planners. Read our reviews before you buy, and get the scary Halloween party games of your dreams.

What will your kids do when they’ve eaten their candy? You’re going to need Halloween games to keep them happy!

Scary Halloween Party Games

Our favorites are Arkham Horror, which is great fun, but perhaps too complex for younger players, Gravediggers, which seems difficult but is deceptive — it’s easy to learn and play — and Zombies!!!, which for some reason must always have three exclamation marks after it.

Halloween Games for Teenagers

Your teens will get a kick out of funny games with scary themes, such as Zombie Dice, Zombie Mosh, and the incomparably funny Give Me The Brain. Be sure to have a hidden camera somewhere in the room, so you can record the teens speaking in Zombie voices as they play!

Halloween Board Games

There are so many of these that it’s hard to list favorites. You can’t really overlook CLUE, which is such a board games classic that there are dozens of versions of it. CLUE Harry Potter is a very popular version for reasons which I hope I don’t have to explain! Board gamers never tire of Monopoly, and our personal fave at this time of year is Scooby Doo Monopoly, though Boo-Opoly is also very popular. Eat It is a trivia game about junk food and tasty treats, which seems appropriate, and is a lot of fun to play (recommended for mixed age groups).

Other Halloween Games

The Jenga stacking game is an instant classic, and the Halloween Jenga edition is nicely themed and well made. Candyland is a simple board game that your youngest children or party guests can play (with adult supervision). Everybody loves Bingo, and this Halloween Bingo Jingo is a simple and fun choice of Halloween game ideas. Instant fun!

We’ve rounded up as many fun Halloween games for teenagers, kids and adults as we could find. Prepare for some seriously fun and scary Halloween party games!

Don’t see your favorite Halloween board games here? Send us board game reviews! We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us.

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