Oh No… Zombies! board game

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Here’s the thing. From time to time, there’s no actual reviews of a product online. Considering there are dozens of billions of web pages out there and most of them are simply tat scraped from other sites, it’s always surprising to see this phenomenon.

I could simply paste the Amazon description — which comes direct from the manufacturer — on this page, click BUILD and get on with my life. But that is lazy and, while I am sometimes HEROICALLY lazy, sometimes I can’t let an oddity lie.So, like Walter Mitty, I refuse to let this one lie and, heroically, I walk under the pile of falling bricks to rescue this game’s reputation.

I challenge game maker Archie McPhee to send Boardgame Beast a review sample. We’ll add it to our Zombie games page as soon as we’ve played it.

For now, if you’re the kind of loony who can’t resist buying something without any idea of whether it’s good or not, then get your copy of the Oh No… Zombies! board game here.

If you’ve played this board game — and we bet SOMEBODY out there has — please rate it by clicking on the Comments link below.

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