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Replacement Board Game Pieces can be hard to find. Whether you’re a collector looking to complete vintage board games, have a modern set that’s missing board game parts, or need new Monopoly money, this page will help!

Game Pieces and Parts Are Hard to Find

No matter which board game tokens, monopoly game pieces, board game parts, tokens, cards, expansions (official and unofficial) and other specialist items you need, The Beast is on the case!

We’re scouring the best online resources to bring you the most useful links to find those elusive vintage game parts and cards. Often, you can find game parts on Amazon, but the best resource by far is eBay. There is no better place to find people who break old board games for their parts.

Top 10 Board Game Parts

1: Monopoly money

Just like real currency, Monopoly play money wears out. You’ll have a heck of a time finding the actual cash that is custom to each version of the Monopoly games empire, but eBay is your best chance.

2: CLUE board game parts

Cards, weapons… the CLUE board game has a lot of fiddly little extras, that will inevitably get lost over the years.

3: Scrabble tiles

While most games can be played if you lose a piece or two, Scrabble games are really not the same without the full complement of 100 tiles. That’s why you may need replacement Scrabble tiles.

4: HeroQuest miniatures and board game parts

The Hero Quest board game in complete form is quite a rare board game, being well over 20 years old now, so you may well need HeroQuest parts to complete your set. You can find HeroQuest miniatures here. See also: HeroQuest expansions

5: Axis and Allies parts

One of the most highly-regarded war strategy gamesAxis and Allies is one of those games which has lots of fiddly parts. Replacement Axis and Allies pieces are therefore highly sought-after.

6: Risk armies

Nothing is easier to lose than a Risk token, so replacement Risk pieces are well worth tracking down.

7: Disney game parts

If your Disney games are missing a Mickey or need to get a Goofy, then looking for Disney game parts will be rewarded.

8: Trivial Pursuit parts

If your edition of Trivial Pursuit is incomplete, it’s as easy as “pie”. Check out this link to spare Trivial Pursuit parts.

9: Mall Madness parts

Every little girl seems to love Mall Madness, but if there’s something missing, you’d better get your magic plastic out and find the replacement Mall Madness parts.

10: Monopoly game pieces and parts

We’ve saved the biggest for last. It seems possible to buy replacement Monopoly parts for almost any edition, from Scooby Doo Monopoly to Spongebob Monopoly.

Found a great board game parts resource that’s not listed here? Please send us reviews. Alternatively, you can rate or comment on any of the items above using the Comments link at the end of each review.

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2) Replacement game cards for vintage Monopoly sets
3) Monopoly

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