Halloween Yahtzee

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If you’re going to play Yahtzee this Halloween, then do it right! This holiday-themed edition of the game is beautifully designed, with a special spooky cup and score pad, plus the all-important dice.

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As you know, all Yahtzee games are played with dice. Halloween Yahtzee is no exception. Not just any dice, oh no: GLOW IN THE DARK dice, with pictures instead of pips! A haunted house, bat, spider and more. Continues below

This is the perfect Halloween party game for kids aged 7yrs and up. “Charge” up the dice by placing them under a strong light source, then dim the lights in the room and play glow in the dark Halloween Yahtzee for spooky thrills!

The main difference between the Halloween edition and regular Yahtzee is that you play for pictures instead of numbers. (The numbers are included on the image, but you need 20/20 vision to spot them, be warned!) Collecting five of a kind is just the same, you score a Yahtzee, but for runs (also known as straights), you may need to refer to the rule book unless you have superhero eyesight.

You don’t get a lot of extra for your cash. The glowing dice are a very nice touch, plus there are some scoring tokens so you can keep an eye on who’s winning the Yahtzee games.

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Artwork is good, and your Halloween party guests will enjoy playing for a while. The question is, if you already own Yahtzee, why would you buy this version as well?

The answer would have to depend on your party theme. Sticking to the theme is a great reason to buy this. For us, we’ll stick to our old tried and trusted game, but for people with strict standards about what is and is not good enough for Halloween should check it out.

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