Find Every Edition of The Game of Life!

The Game of Life is almost a rite of passage for what the current generation calls “Tweens”. It’s an essential part of growing up for board gamers! We’ve scoured the planet for all life board game editions. Enjoy!

Life Board Game Editions

There are some spectacular editions of the Life game. That’s a lot of collecting if you’re a “must have one of each” person. There are also some rather unusual, unofficial copycat games, which we included here because they will appeal to collectors, as well as people who like something a little more spicy. Sort of what the Ghettopoly board game did for Monopoly games.

Here’s our top 10 of Life game collectibles, in no particular order. Feel free to add other Life board game editions at our board game reviews page. You can also comment on and rate existing games by clicking the Comments link at the end of each review.

The Original Life Game

The original and, purists would argue, best edition, there have been decades of development, yet very little has changed in the years since Life board game first appeared. You can see what it looked like in 1960 here. It’s an elegant design, and quite accurately presents the difference that life choices make to young people on their road to potential fame and fortune. Almost every kid has played this at least once.

Family Guy Games Life

You may hate Family Guy, but you can’t ignore it. For the rest of us, who love Peter Griffin and his family’s rude and hilarious outlook on, well, the game that is life, Family Guy Game of Life is just perfect. Great for collectors of Life games or Family Guy.

Game Boy Edition

What’s great about the Gameboy edition of Life board game is, not only is it a good conversion, but they bundled it with Yahtzee and Payday. Great value entertainment for the Gameboy Advance.

Life Card Game

You may not have been aware that this game existed, but we’ve seen Scrabble Slam and Monopoly Deal bring famous brands into the hands of card gamers. This edition is totally portable, but call me an old stuffie for wanting a board game to actually HAVE a board…

Life PC Game

The PC game version is well done, with nice animations, lots of color and sound, and just enough of the original flavor to keep purists from ditching their laptops. Decent.

Extreme Reality Life

This attempt to modernize the classic had “loser” written all over it, but surprisingly Extreme Reality is very popular with people who bought it, giving more meat on the old bones for people who have tired of the concept.

Pink Edition

A lovely themed edition of Game of Life for young girls to play together at slumber party games sessions.

Wizard of Oz Edition

If anybody deserves a Life game makeover, it’s Dorothy. She had a long, hard path through life, and this edition of the game reflects her journey. A surprisingly enjoyable remake.

Redneck Life Game

Totally unofficial, but hilarious and destined to join the list of must-have Life game collectibles, Redneck Life is a board game for people who normally hate board games! A ‘sleeper’ that will go down very well with just the right kind of friend or relative.

Star Wars Life

Use the force! What a great concept for a Game of Life edition. Jedi’s Path board game sees you choose between the Dark Side and Jedi powers, among other tough calls. Just one of the recommended Star Wars games reviewed by our team.

Don’t see your favorite Life game here? Send us board game reviews! We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us.

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