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Welcome to our unbeatable Candyland games editions and collectibles guide! We’ve included amazing Candy Land board game collectibles, costumes and Christmas decorations.

More About Candy Land Board Games

No matter which Candy Land games you need, The Beast is on the case! We present the best selection, including Candy Land Castle and some of the rarer Candy Land board game editions.

Billed as “the first board game your child will play”, Candy Land has been winning fans amongst children AND parents for generations. It’s colorful, easy to learn, and requires no reading or math skills, making accessible to the very youngest of preschool-age board gamers.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the great games and collectibles you can buy which are themed to this classic game.

1: Candyland Castle

Rated very highly by parents who bought it, Candyland Castle turns around the idea of a simple color recognition, adding shapes to the mix, and giving each player their own miniature board.

2: Candyland Ornaments

Candyland is just one of the themes in our roundup of board game Christmas ornament ideas. There are several great ornaments available, including all the major characters from the original game.

3: Candy Land 50th Anniversary Edition

With a 3D castle for the kids to race towards, the 50th Anniversary editon is more special-looking than the basic set.

4: Candyland Deluxe

It doesn’t have a 3D castle, but the Deluxe game has beautiful characters far removed from the basic flat gingerbread men you get in the standard box.

5: Candyland DVD Game

Adding a DVD to Candyland may seem spurious, and it’s received mixed reviews, but those who enjoyed the game loved the addition of video-themed content.

We’re scouring the best online resources to bring you the most useful links to find those elusive Candy Land board game collectibles and accessories.

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