Zombie Ninja Pirates

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Gozer Games
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Quick Verdict

Zombies, Ninjas, Pirates, and even Mad Scientists are definitely cool. Even more so when these individual themes are combined into one card game where players get to play all four types of character and find out who can be the best creature in the game.

The game and gameplay

This game consists of a deck of cards which are pretty much of standard quality. The card designs are clear and well illustrated. Its artwork has a cartoony approach. While it may not suit everybody’s tastes, it is quite enjoyable and fun to look at. The quotes at the bottom of each card are rather amusing which are often taken from a movie or just in reference to some cult classics.

The game begins by dealing five cards to each player. The play proceeds in a series of turn until a player draws the end game card which is theoretically shuffled at the bottom third of the deck. At that point each player gets one final turn and the points in front are added up thereafter.

The object of the game is to have the most number of points. This is done by acquiring various types of cards during the course of the game. The Type cards are worth points and allow you to become a Zombie, Ninja, Pirate, Mad Scientist, or any combination possible. Object cards can be positive, negative, or even zero points depending on a player’s type. These are the stuff that you get which can be played on your playing field or another player’s. There are also action cards that allow performing action either to yourself or others.

Pros and cons

Luck plays a big role in this game because everything is about random card distribution. Type cards are crucial in scoring points. So if you get a lot of Zombie-related cards but never draw the Zombie type card, you are just of out luck.

Gameplay is really quick and it is very easy to explain and understand. Even first timers can easily get into the game.

This game is designed to be a light, straightforward one so it doesn’t have the depth of strategic and complex play. If you are looking for an easy filler to be played between other more serious type of games, this works great and it is such great fun to play.

It’s so fast that the first game will be over before you know it, yet so light that calling off the game after a couple of rounds won’t matter.

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The Verdict

All this light-hearted fun and lack of over-complex gameplay means that Zombie Ninja Pirates is going to be a pretty good time, especially for people who like Fluxx — or maybe even Zombie Fluxx.

Click to buy Zombie Ninja Pirates from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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