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Board game manufacturer:
Twilight Creations
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Quick Verdict

A horror-themed board game which has a lot in common with the Hero Quest board game from the 1980s and 90s, When Darkness Comes is another release from the undead-obsessed folks at Twilight Creations. It’s spawned several expansions and sets you the goal of surviving various well-known horror creatures.

The game and gameplay

Players pick one of the fourteen different scenarios to be accomplished. Some are simple and other can be very complex. The game is played on a series of tiles which represent various buildings and such.

During each turn, a player rolls to determine how far his move will be. A move ends when a player moves onto a face down chip. Generally every building tile has a number of chips which represent various encounters in that particular building. It can range from items, allies, security systems, and monsters.

You get points for completing the task, which can be spent for rerolling the dice or other effects. Players can also gain “failure” tokens after getting killed or doing a wrong move. A player who accumulates three failure tokens loses all his points and items. So these are pretty much the basics of the game.

Pros and cons

The rules of the game are a little disappointing. They are poorly written and don’t seem to make sense at first. It tends to assume that players are, and should be, already familiar with this kind of game. For experienced players, it may not be that hard to figure out but for beginners, it would certainly be very confusing.

Once you realize what the rules are trying to deliver, only you will learn that the game allows players to either create their own character or just select from one of the six default characters available.

Character generation is a fairly simple process, in which you can divide a number of character attribute points among the given categories. You can also purchase other stats that will help you perform some tasks. It is important to distribute the points wisely because it will really make a big impact as you progress in the game.

One of the nicer aspects of the game system (for it must be considered a system, with so many extra versions and sets available) is the miniatures. There are detailed plastic minis to represent all the important characters and foes of the game.

The gameplay is inherently co-operative. However, only the player with the most points at the end of the game wins and advances his stats; so some players tend to go solo and ignore the others. But without co-operation, it is almost impossible to survive unless you’re lucky. Everyone can act as a team is a lot of ways and it is also possible to ask items, victory points, and favors in return for help.

The Verdict

Despite the poorly written rulebook, When Darkness Comes board game has some potential. It’s good especially if you are a fan of dark, horror-themed RPGs. Combat is quite difficult so killing a monster and eventually winning the game is such an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

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Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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