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Our comprehensive DVD TV game guide rounds up all the top Movie & TV games available. Don’t buy another DVD game until you’ve checked out our recommendations.

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Top 10 DVD Board Games

No matter which DVD board games you want, The Beast is on the case! We’re scouring the best online resources to bring you the most useful links to find those elusive DVD game sets.

Our Top 10 is in no particular order, as taste makes a huge difference. It doesn’t matter how good the Candy Land DVD game is if you’re a 40-year-old Star Trek fan, really!

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1: Banzai DVD TV Game

If you are looking for a party betting game (believe me, it’s more fun than it sounds!), even if you won’t gamble for more than Custom M&Ms, then Banzai should be your first choice. It’s hilarious, based on the Japanese game show format. Your crowd will have so much fun.

2: Scene It? Harry Potter

For Halloween, or any Harry Potter birthday party, there’s no better game than Scene It? Fans of the franchise will love the movie clips, but the questions are no pushovers, even for dedicated Muggles.

3: Star Trek Scene It?

For a unique Star Trek Trivia (click for a printable game) experience, Scene It? comes to the rescue again. Trekkies will love the chance to relive great moments from the iconic TV sci-fi series, and the trivia questions are set to stun.

4: Candyland DVD Game

The world’s most colorful board game for kids comes to the small screen! Your children will love to hop along with the DVD instructions. A good way to encourage active play, and fun to watch for adults, too (get up and join in, Dad!).

5: 24 Board Game

This DVD TV game includes lots of clips from the stressful thriller series. Players interact with the board game as instructed by the DVD. Fun for Jack Bauer fans.

6: The Office DVD Game

A huge success, The Office continues to win fans of its dry, understated humor. This DVD game combines trivia and other activities with the DVD element, making it a slam dunk for fans of the show (and totally pointless for everybody else!).

7: Indiana Jones DVD game

Indie needs your help! A fun game based on the movies, featuring clips and interactive content.

8: Catch Phrase

This portable game can be taken along on car journeys, or anywhere else that people have time to kill. It’s simple to learn and fun to play in teams.

9: James Bond Scene It?

007 fans will adore playing this themed edition of Scene It? With hundreds of Bond-related questions, it’s a hit for spy parties, or James Bond movie marathons.

10: Twilight Scene It?

One for your teens and vampire fans, with clips from the Twilight movies, and loads of great, testing questions about things that bite and things that growl (and things that suck).

Found great TV games that are not listed here? Please send us reviews. Alternatively, you can rate or comment on any of the items above using the Comments link at the end of each review.

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