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Steve Jackson Games

Quick Verdict

Eat brains. Don’t get shotgunned. You are a zombie. You want brains. More brains than any of your zombie buddies. Zombie Dice is a quick and easy game for gamers and non-gamers alike. The 13 custom dice represent victims. Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop rolling before the shotgun blasts end your turn!

The game and gameplay

Unlike the usual zombie-themed games where the players are trying to hunt or run away from zombies, the makers of Zombie Dice developed an interesting twist – the players are the zombies.

The object of the game is simple: eat as many brains as possible without getting shot. The first player to collect thirteen brains without getting shot wins the game. Zombie Dice is a quick and light game for everyone. Each game plays ten minutes or so depending on the number of players. It can be easily picked up and mastered after a single round.

The dice in the game do not contain numbers. Instead, each D6 die has pictures on each side that are either brains, footsteps (which means the victim ran), or shotgun blasts. The dice come in three different colors. The difference is the ratio of the brains-footsteps-shotgun on each die color. Green is easy, yellow is moderate, and red is hard.

A player rolls three dice for brains each turn and tries to avoid rolling shotgun blast. You can choose to play it safe after any roll and take the points for the number of brains that you got or you can roll again. If you do, you would take another three random dice from the shaker. However, your turn ends when you accumulate three shotgun blasts and you lose however many brains you rolled during that turn. If footsteps appear in any roll, these particular dice are rerolled.

Luck has more to do with winning than any individual decision of whether to keep going or to call it quits. However, there’s some element of strategy involved with the color of a die.

Keeping track of how many green and red dice have and haven’t been rolled is the key in determining your odds of surviving the next roll. You may not want to push your luck any further if you’ve grabbed most of the greens because more reds and yellows are left. But if you’re lucky and rolled some red brains, you may want to keep rolling since it’s very likely that you’ll be grabbing green dice on your next roll.

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The Verdict

Zombie Dice is excellent in its own way. It works as a filler game, and does a great job by being such. While it is way too straightforward to be regarded as a big advancement in game theory, Zombie Dice nevertheless manages to squeeze fun and enjoyment out of a fairly simple, light game of luck.

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Jun 05, 2012

short lived fun


by: JimmyG

Its got dice and its based on zombies what else is there to say…

OK then so you want more, jeez are you guys Zombies wanting more and more brains?

This is a simple fun game that now has a seasonal axpansion. A lunch time game to play at work or if your just looking for a little bit of quick fun that wont cause a divorce or get you arrested.

Games are over in 10-15 minutes and thats all I have to say really.

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