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Rare Board Games, limited editions and out of print board games are among the toughest items to add to your collection. Boardgame Beast is working hard to track down new resources for finding old board games.

Helpful eBay Searches for Rare Games

Rare, Vintage and Collectible Board Games

Board game collecting is a tricky business. You need to pick your battles, because there are literally tens of thousands of board games in existence. That’s why most collectors specialize in a particular genre, designer, or company in an effort to narrow down the gigantic task of collecting board games.

Board games have been played for centuries, if you count Chess, Go, and the other ancient games throughout board games history. But modern games as we know them have really only been produced in large numbers for around 100 years. That still means some of the games out there are virtually impossible to find, but given the global marketing sensation that is eBay, it’s possible to find all kinds of old board game pieces, if you have the patience and persistence.

You can assemble many old games by buying an incomplete set, and then searching for replacement board game parts, but it’s not easy to do. You have to be prepared to do a lot of meticulous research. One of the frustrations of trying to piece together old board games is the need to understand that the person selling the parts may not know what they have.

Here at Board game Beast, we want to develop a resource for collectors who have special items, or are looking for vintage board games or modern limited edition collectible board games to add to their personal stash. We feel your pain. Collecting is a lonely business, full of disappointments and false dawns, with the occasional big surprise and moment of triumph to keep you making progress.

Where to Find Rare Board Games

Garage sales and charity shops are happy hunting grounds for many board game collectors. It’s rare to find anything in perfect condition. Usually the boxes are not in great shape, and often the shops themselves are to blame — many stick large price labels directly to the vintage board games’ cardboard covers! Shame on them. Still, it can be a great way to pick up bargains, or help you to complete half-finished collectible board games.

For dedicated board game collectors, eBay should be your second home. It is, without a doubt, the best online resource for collectors seeking something rare, obscure, or otherwise hard to find.

Helpful eBay Searches for Rare Games

Not all rare board games are vintage board games. Risk Black Ops Edition was limited to one thousand units world wide, and last time we checked, it sells for $$$!

Pretty much anything goes, as long as you can make a case for it being rare, we’ll feature it! See also our vintage board games and old board games pages. Please help us by showing off the gems from your own collection by submitting notes and pictures at our board game reviews page.

You can also leave your comments and footprint ratings on each game by clicking on the Comments link at the end of each write-up. Check LIVE eBay listings below for unusual board games to add to your collection.

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