Fabulous Birthday Game Ideas For All Ages

Superb Birthday Game Ideas from Boardgame Beast. If you need board game ideas for a birthday party, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve separated our selections by age group. See also: Best Board Games Award Winners

Preschool | Ages 5 to 9 | Ages 9 to 12 | Teenage birthday games | Adult birthday games

Preschool Party Ideas

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Party Games For Kids Aged 5-9

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Party Games For ‘Tweens

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Birthday Party Games For Teenagers

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Adult Birthday Games

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Unbeatable Birthday Game Ideas

Birthday parties have a habit of bringing out the best (and worst) in people. So do board games, which means they are a perfect choice for any birthday. You can even give the games as prizes to your guests!

Scroll up for loads of birthday-friendly board games to make your party rock! We’ve separated them by age group, youngest at the top. Each section contains six selections, plus a link to many more suitable for that age group.

Left it too late? See this great selection of printable Birthday Games.

While parents thinking of game ideas for birthday party celebrations might not even have considered board games, it’s time to rethink. Our board game ideas do include more active games that get the kids up and running, twisting their bodies like pretzels, seeking clues around the house, or catching butterflies in nets!

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