Lego Games Build Family Fun!

Those smart LEGO designers have released loads of LEGO games for fans to enjoy. Our Lego board game guide lists them all! We’ve included a list of our best LEGO party games below.

Best LEGO Party Games

If you’re wondering which LEGO games are the best to play at parties, we have got your back. We’ve “pieced together” this collection by scouring the net’s greatest sources of Lego party ideas. The result is a great guide for fans and gift buyers!

Here they are, in no particular order. One game may be better than another on a level playing field, but for YOUR party, #5 might be more appropriate than #2. LEGO board games have a tendency to be fiddly, so you might want to avoid buying them for younger players, and be more apt to supervise older ones.

1: LEGO Harry Potter board game

Whether you’re looking for Halloween game ideas, organizing a Harry Potter birthday party, or just want the best LEGO board game around, you can tick all the boxes with this Harry Potter offering. It is unbeatable, scoring highly with Amazon customers, who are overwhelmingly positive about most aspects of the game.

2: Creationary LEGO board game

If you can imagine playing Pictionary with LEGO, then you know exactly what to expect. Creationary is a simple, yet brilliant concept, that is liable to frustrate young LEGO builders due to the time limit. For ages 9yrs and up, though, it’s perfect.

3: Pirate Code LEGO board game

Sort of Pirate party games meets Mastermind, this is a great LEGO board game if your party is Pirate themed. It’s a two-player games classic for players aged 8yrs and up.

4: LEGO Racers Game

Based on the popular LEGO Racers series, this fun LEGO board game sees you attempt to outrace and outfight your opponents on a LEGO racing circuit. Loads of fun, and you can build new circuits anytime.

5: Robo Champ LEGO board game

“Awesome!” was the reaction from our young play testers when we tried out this game. Build your LEGO robot, steal other people’s parts to get yours done… A great choice (for boys especially) aged 7yrs and up.

Don’t see your favorite LEGO Racers game or Harry Potter LEGO game here? Send us board game reviews! We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us.


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