Get Your Paws on Great Scooby Doo Games

These awesome Scooby Doo games can give your slumber party or Halloween party a real Scooby snack! Here are the best Scooby Doo board games and Scooby Doo party games. Loads of fun for your children and their friends.

Great Scooby Doo Party Games!

With decades of cartoons spawning multiple generations of fans, Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine crew are here to stay. It’s only natural that there are lots of Scooby Doo party games and board games to choose from.

Here, in no particular order, are our recommended Scooby Doo board games. We suggest you let them ‘haunt’ your games cupboard right away! They will also be great gifts for Scooby fans.

Monopoly Scooby Doo Edition

It’s hard to imagine a pop culture character without their own Monopoly game. And here’s Scooby’s! The full name of this little beauty is Scooby Doo Monopoly Fright Fest Collector’s Edition. If you’ve played Monopoly, then there is nothing to surprise you here, but it’s all in great Scooby taste.

CLUE Scooby Doo Edition

The perfect storm! Scooby Doo, a character known for exploring creepy old houses, playing a game where you have to explore a creepy old house.

Scooby Doo CLUE board game is amazing fun and will appeal to fans of both Scooby or CLUE board game.

Scooby Doo DVD Game

There’s nothing like a cartoon character to convert well to DVD TV games. This fun clip-based Scooby Doo trivia game is a great test of your memory. Can you remember the clues from the clip?

Guess Who? Scooby Doo

This is not an official version of the Guess Who? game, but it is exactly the same. Kids will understand it easily, and will love the fun gameplay and cool Scooby game graphics.

Bingo Scooby Doo

A simple game of Bingo can transform your Halloween party games experience. This Scooby Doo game of Bingo is nicely themed, easy to play, and makes a good door prize.

Don’t see your favorite Scooby game here? Send us board game reviews! We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us. We’re particularly keen to see write-ups for out of print, vintage board games themed to Scooby.

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