We “Suspect” You’ll Love CLUE Board Game

Trying to “detect” all known CLUE board game editions? Don’t worry! The Boardgame Beast has put on his deer stalker hat, grabbed his giant magnifying glass, and has created this great guide. Every known version is below.

Clue board game is the classic Murder Mystery game! There’s no mystery to its universal appeal. The gameplay is simple, yet atmospheric and engaging, at least for the first few times you play. It plays very well with mixed age groups, there’s little luck element involved in winning, and it’s hard to be eliminated (unless you are silly enough to make an early accusation and get knocked out for your troubles).

In recent years, the appeal of CLUE has widened, due to various licenses lending their names and likenesses to this classic board game. As well as trawling through Vintage board games in search of the earliest editions, you can now choose from:

CLUE Harry Potter Edition | More Harry Potter Board Games

Hotter than a muggle’s cocoa, this Harry Potter Clue game is a huge hit with fans of the teen magician. It features new rules, moving parts on the board which open and close doors, often foiling your route, and lots of great Harry-themed graphics.

CLUE Scooby Doo Edition | More Scooby Doo Games

If there’s one franchise that’s even more perfect for CLUE than Harry Potter, it’s Scooby Doo. The great dane spent his entire career trawling around haunted houses solving mysteries, so the Scooby Doo CLUE board game seems ideal.

CLUE Family Guy Edition | More Family Guy Games

There’s few TV shows as funny as Family Guy. We think Family Guy CLUE has the best chance of commercial success. It may be hampered by the fact that CLUE is largely a child’s game, which Family Guy appeals more to adults, but it’s still got “Christmas gift” written all over it.

CLUE The Simpsons Edition | More Simpsons Board Games

Once upon a time, The Simpsons ruled the collectibles world. Since the last few seasons, though, interest is definitely on the wane, and it’s our bet that the Simpsons CLUE game is destined to be a bargain bin special before long. The earliest edition is worth far more, if that matters to you.

We’ve rounded up as many editions of this amazingly playable classic as we could find, but we’re sure to have missed some. Feel free to add other versions of the clue bordgame at our board game reviews page.

If you’re wondering about the ClueDO board game, outside of North America that’s what the game has always been known as. The name is the original one. There are versions of the game not available in North America, which we’ll list as time allows.

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