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Board game manufacturer:
Twilight Creations
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Quick Verdict

This is a well-themed zombie game which is so compelling and fun to play. While it’s simple to grasp, the value of a game which has you dodging plastic Zombie miniatures cannot be understated. Lots of fun, especially for six players!

The game and gameplay

Zombies!!! has a simple premise, where players are trapped in a town full of, well what else?!, zombies. The object of the game is to make it to the heliport or kill 25 zombies. The first player to do so wins the game.

The game comes with a deck of street tiles and another deck of cards that represent events in the game, such as finding items and zombies. They are well illustrated and can be quite graphic, which is great.

However, some event card instructions are quite vague. It would be best if all will agree on what those instructions mean and stick to them to avoid confusion during play.

The game also comes with 100 little zombie miniatures that look exactly the same as each other. Though it’s not a big problem, it would have been better to have different types of zombies to make the gaming experience more visually exciting. The same thing goes for the hero figures – all are just bearded men holding a shotgun.

You can buy extra miniatures for the basic game, and all the expansions. It’s recommended to purchase at least one additional bag of plastic zombies, because you may run out very quickly otherwise.

There are also glow in the dark Zombies, which are essential for Halloween gaming sessions, plus clowns, babes, dogs and more, all themed to the expansions.

Pros and cons

One good thing about this game is that it gives you the choice to adjust the length of the game, depending on how long you want to play. You can finish a game in fifteen minutes or so or drag it for hours if you want to.

The tile-laying nature of the game and the event cards of different kind give variety which makes each game different every time. Even just a single event card can dramatically change the situation.

Perhaps the best thing about this game is that the rules are very flexible. They can easily be modified to keep the game interesting.

The official website of the developers of this game even has a page solely dedicated to variations of the rules. Click to download the rules in PDF form.

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The Verdict

This game is strongly recommended if you are inclined to Horror-themed games. It’s definitely a great addition to any zombie game fan’s collection.

Click to buy ZOMBIES!!! from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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