Best Zombie Games. GAAAAAAAAMES!

Use your BRAINS and read our Best Zombie Games board game guide before you buy any Zombie games. Be sure to choose only the best Zombies game for your demanding crowd of gamers.

Zombie Games Guide

We’ve rounded up as many rotting corpses and silly shuffling walks as we could find. The result is the most gruesome board game guide we’ve ever created, including all the Zombies board game editions, miniatures and expansions we could get our rotting hands on!

There’s something for anybody who likes the living dead here, including funny Zombie-themed card games such as Give Me The Brain and Lord of the Fries. Both of these great games are good for larger groups, and encourage you to speak like Zombies during play. Now how’s that for imaginative game creation?

Talking of creation, we can’t let a game guide pass without mentioning legendary game designer Reiner Knizia. His Gravediggers board game will be an immediate hit if you happen to be hosting a group of “proper” game players who like to take board games (a little too) seriously.

As for cheezy Zombie games, you can’t overlook Last Night on Earth, a game so kitschy that die-hard fans can even purchase a Last Night on Earth soundtrack to play the game to! There are expansions to keep the game fresh (corpse), so it will continue to delight you and keep you awake all night for as long as you want it to.

Finally, our Zombie board game reviewers demand that we recommend Zombies!!! The granddaddy of Zombie roleplaying games is still one of the best Zombie games out there. And the nice thing is, you can add on up to nine expansions, plus purchase glow in the dark zombies, hell hounds and other miniatures to make it even creepier and more fun.

So far, we’ve only reviewed a few of the different games, but we’ll keep adding games as they come in. Feel free to add your best Zombie games at our board game reviews page.

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Don’t see your favorite Zombies board game here? Send us board game reviews! We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us.

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