Best Pirate Party Games Reviewed and Rated

Looking for ‘AVAST’ range of Pirate Party Games?! Then ye be in the right place, me old hearty! Boardgame Beast has rounded up the best Pirate board games, card games, and awful old puns to bring you this great Pirate games guide.

Top 5 Pirate Board Game Ideas

Prepare for ‘BOARDING’ with these Pirate ship game ideas! We won’t keelhaul you with the prices, either: click any of the games to get the best deals online.

1: Word Pirates

What do you get when you cross a word game with a Pirate party game? Stealth learning! All parents love an opportunity to “edutain” their kids, and here’s a classic. Because it’s a word game, naturally you’re looking for reading age kids. Loads of dice makes this a shake, rattle and rolling hit.

2: LEGO Pirate Games

There are tons of LEGO board games available, and all are great fun. So when you combine a great franchise like LEGO with PirateĀ games, you know you’re in for a treat.

In no particular order, we recommend:

LEGO Pirate Code: like the classic game Mastermind, where players must guess a color sequence created by their opponents.

LEGO Pirate Plank: walk the plank in this LEGO-themed Pirate ship game.

LEGO Pirates Tic Tac Toe: suitable for younger players, it’s just like the classic X and O game, but with LEGO twists.

LEGO Search For The Pirate’s Treasure: a fun LEGO board game for older players.

3: Zombie Ninja Pirates

If you have teens coming to your Pirate party, then you’re going to need a way to keep them out of trouble. Here’s the perfect solution! This game has it all: Zombies, Ninjas AND Pirates. How can you possibly go wrong with this Pirate game?

4: Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life

The nice thing about the Game of Life is that it can be played in a mixed age group. So this beautifully themed edition is a worth choice of Pirate party games, especially if you’ve put the movie on before you play!

5: Rum and Pirates Board Game

For teen to adult players, this fully deep strategy board game is truly a fantastic Pirate board game. One of the few pirate-themed games that is worth putting on your must-play list.

This is a great choice for serious board gamers who are looking for a ‘rum’ experience at your Pirate party.

Rio Grande Games don’t make bad board games. Recommended.

Printable Pirate Party Games

Left it too late to order your Pirate games? Don’t worry!

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