Get Yourself a Trilogy! Star Wars Games Guide

The ultimate Star Wars games guide! The question is, can The Beast resist the temptation to trot out some Star Wars-theme puns for this intro?

We’ve used the force of our reviewing experience to bring you write-ups of the best Star Wars board games. Which (Obi-) one of the Star Wars card games are worth owning? And will your accent in the Star Wars Role-Playing game be fatter than Jabba the Hutt?

Some More Star Wars Silliness

Yes, it’s a Yoda statuette. No, it’s not a board game. But we could not resist this crazy piece of tat! Imagine how many collectors would love one on their mantlepiece? At least, well, two, anyway.

Got Star Wars comic books? Get them valued for free, and sell them for cash if you need some.

You absolutely have to get a bunch of your nerd friends to get together and play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. As well as answering all the questions correctly, you should insist on each person finishing their answer with a quotation.

Grocery Store Wars

We love this video. So will you.