Ah, math. What could be better than a list of the 10 best math board games?

No. Wait. Don’t go.

Perhaps the sound of the word “math” is like the grating sound of someone dragging a stick across a rusty tin. Maybe, it fills the reader with anxiety and apprehension. Admittedly, math can feel hard. Math can feel boring. With that in mind, why on earth would you want to play a math game?
The answer is simple. The more you play math games, which are designed to be enjoyable and free of stress, the better your fundamental skills get. The greater your foundation, the easier and more enjoyable math becomes.



Sumoku is like Scrabble for number geeks.

Best Boredom Antidote for: wanting to play a quiet crossword puzzle like game
Imagine Scrabble with all the letters as numbers and you’ll have idea of what it looks like to play Sumoku. Players roll a die to get a”key number”. Then, they add pieces to the crossword so that rows and columns are multiples of that key number. Players win by a point system. Interestingly, Sumoku pieces can be used in several different variations of the game, so consumers get a variety of ways to play when they choose this game. It’s popularity and flexibility puts it on the list of the 10 best math board games.

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Sum Swamp


Sum Swamp is perfect for little kids to practice their adding and subtraction.

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you’re seeking a game that is both educational and fun

Sum Swamp doesn’t end until children have added and subtracted their way out of the game. Rather than using a basic roll of the dice or a spinner, all movement is done through mental math. It is easy to see why kids strengthen their math skills when doing this game. Even better they get to learn without realizing they are doing much work. The desirable age group for this game is 4 to 7 years, but Sum Swamp isn’t so grating that adults will mind playing with their children either.

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Equate is a crossword style equation making game and one of the 10 best math board games available.
Best Boredom Antidote for: practicing basic math with your kids
Equate takes the same concept as Scrabble and uses it to make equations with numbers and operators (+, – , etc..) to make true equations. If you want hours of play, this game will have you covered. It’s slow moving. Yet, it keeps kids drawn in. It’s an ideal game to play while baking cookies on a weekend or during a long power outage. Probably most importantly, children get the benefit of solidifying their math abilities, something that can’t be valued enough. All of this is accomplished while the house is calm and tranquil.

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Pay Day


Pay Day is a good game for teaching young people to count and handle money.

Best Boredom Antidote for: wanting to earn something while playing
Here’s one of the best math board games that will take about 45 minutes to two hours to play depending on the version players decide. In this financial game, each player is paid monthly and must use the dice to determine whether or not that money gets saved (good) or spent (not so good). This game is suitable for ages 7 and up. Beyond the simple math it offers Pay Day teaches principles of budgeting. With its colorful monopoly like money, this game motivates and catches one’s attention.

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Clumsy Thief


Clumsy Thief is an immensely popular game.

Best Boredom Antidote for:

Clumsy Thief has been the recipient of multiple rewards for fun family entertainment. That is due to it being fast placed, educational, and original. Players “steal” cards back and forth to add up values. The money exchanges hands so many times throughout the game that it won’t be clear who’s winning till the game is over. This game is well suited for those age 6 to 12.

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Fish Stix


Practice counting with Fish Stix.

Best Boredom Antdiote for: young and older children
Fish Stix, an award winning game, is meant for those between 5 and 12 years old. Still, even adults can play this game with enjoyment. It combines strategy, a bit of luck, counting and matching to entertain the whole family.

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Rummikub is one of the 10 best math games for entertaining both children and adults.

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you’re in the mood for a classic.

Rummikub is played similarly to Rummy card games and for various reasons it is immensely popular. Part of it has to do with the easy rules. Another part has to do with the covenant mix of strategy and luck that goes into every game. Some even find it quite addictive. Last, everyone practices their basic math skills during the game. Rummikub is a nice game for both children older than 8 and adults. It is special because, quite often, many math games are not designed to also entertain an adult audience.

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Connect 4


Connect 4 is a classic and easy game to learn.
Best Boredom Antidote for: when the kids are bored because you unplugged them from the Internet
Connect 4, with its Tic-Tac-Toe-like design, has been around for a long time. Two player play in this game; one person is the designated as red, the other as black. The game board sits up vertically. To play, each player drops their disks into the board frame. The object of the game is to have 4 same color discs in a row (and to prevent your opponent from doing so). While it might not be as math intensive as some of the other games mentioned, Connect 4 does require close attention. It utilizes focus, strategy, and visual acuity.

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4-Way Countdown


If you’re looking for a game that will practice a kid’s addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Best Boredom Antidote for: study breaks the day before an upcoming math test
4-Way CountDown works for students between the ages of 6 and 15 years, although it’s probably ideal for those who are struggling with fundamental arithmetic. It accepts up to 4 players. Customer reviews for it on Amazon have been strongly positive. It’s fast paced and educational and a good way to strengthen your child’s math skills.

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Math Dice


Math Dice helps you brush up on your mental math

Best Boredom Antidote for: Portable Practice
With a generic name like Math Dice, your expectations could be low for this game. Yet, despite its lackluster name, people have fun.. It’s a cheap and affordable option for strengthening mathematical prowess. Moreover, it is portable enough to go anywhere and suitable for ages 8 and up. If you want to take your mental math skills to the next level and make higher math classes easier, this is an easy and fun way to do it. Sometimes even people who think they hate math enjoy this tool.

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Hopefully, a few of these games have caught your eye. Practicing important math skills needn’t be difficult or stressful because games like these take the pressure off. They are a perfect option for bored moments or anxious pretesting times when it is easier to play than to work. Each time you play these games with children you’re adding money to a bank of skills they’ll have to develop for the best success in school and beyond. All of that combined with the affordability of these activities makes these 10 best math board games a good choice to add to your gaming collection.

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