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Our one-stop guide to Scene It? Games will guide you to every version of this classic DVD-based trivia game, including Scene It? James Bond and Scene It? TV editions. See also: Movie and TV Games | DVD TV Game

Top 10 Scene It? DVD Board Games

Our Scene It? games guide is designed to become a one-stop location for EVERY version of this fun game available, be it Disney, James Bond, Music or the many others out there. If you’ve never played, we suggest you read the review of the original Scene It? game to see what the fuss is about.

This top 10 is very subjective. After all, while we love 007, you may hate James Bond movies. We’re not big fans of Friends, but it might be the best show ever, in your opinion.

Twilight Scene It?

The teen sensation featuring vampires and werewolves comes to the Scene It? universe. A perfect game for teen girl sleepover parties, Halloween parties, or anytime Twilight fans want something fun to do.

Harry Potter Movies

This latest edition features clips from all the movie series, and Harry Potter movie fans will be in heaven with all the new Harry Potter trivia questions featured in this Scene It? DVD board game.

007 Scene It?

“The name’s Bond. James Bond.” This and a thousand other classic moments feature in what must be, for Brits at least, the best ever Spy movie series. A great choice of Christmas games, or for whenever you are entertaining James Bond fans.

Star Trek Scene It?

Tribbles, Klingons, crew members and black holes! It’s Star Trek trivia with DVD clips about what is arguably the best ever TV science fiction series. Trekkies will adore this game. You don’t need any excuses, just break it out with nibbles.

Glee Scene It?

The sing along sensation that’s taken the TV world by storm, Glee is big news at the moment. So big that this brand new game arrived too late for us to review, but suffice it to say that Glee fans will love it. And everybody else should probably give it a miss.

The Simpsons Scene It?

You cannot deny that The Simpsons is on the wane, losing ground to great shows like Family Guy, and generally suffering from the malaise that more than 20 years of endless stories would naturally cause to fans everywhere. But even for old time’s sake, this Scene It? game is well worth playing. Don’t expect it to be an easy ride, no matter how many hours you’ve spent watching the yellow first family of Springfield.

Junior Scene It? Jr.

We haven’t had time to review this game yet, but any game that takes what is essentially an adult experience and makes it more accessible to the rest of the family is okay in our book.

Squabble Scene It?

Squabble is a fight between teams, which is a departure for the series, and one that works well. Highly recommended, especially if you have a larger group to entertain.

Marvel Superhero Movies Scene It?

Another game that came in too close to our deadline to review it. Fans of the superhero movies that have flooded our cinema screens in the past decade or so will find a lot to like about this superhero trivia game.

Comedy Movies Scene It?

If you can’t get enough of Adam Sandler, the Saturday Night Live crowd, Steve Martin and other comedy greats, then this edition of Scene It?

will be perfect for you. Everybody loves to laugh, and what could be better fun than a comedy movie trivia game?

So far, we’ve only reviewed a few of the different Scene It? games, but we’ll keep adding games as they come in. Feel free to add your own at our board game reviews page.

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