Uno Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

by The Beast!

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Uno Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Yet another version of the Uno card game featuring images of The Simpsons TV shows, but this time focusing on the ever-popular Halloween specials, The Treehouse of Horror characters.

It’s packaged in a great-looking tin and is sure to be collectible.

Some of our favorite episodes were Treehouse of Horror, like the time travel toaster Homer accidentally created, killing dozens of dinosaurs with a sneeze, then coming back to the present to discover that his sisters-in-law were dead and he had loads of money. Continues below
To Homer’s horror, Marge had never heard of donuts, so he quickly ran away to jump back in time again… Meanwhile, Marge looked out of the window and said “It’s raining again” as donuts poured down from the sky. Classic!

There are none of these on eBay at all at the moment.

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