The World’s Greatest Monopoly Game Guide

Our Monopoly game guide is designed to become a one-stop location for EVERY available version of the world’s greatest property trading board game, including Monopoly variations, Monopoly game pieces and replacement Monopoly money!

Monopoly is the world’s most popular board game. More than 600 million people have played it during their lives. There are so many editions, many of them licensed to local charities, stately homes and other tourist attractions, as well as cities, towns and sports teams, that Hasbro (the current copyright holder) has no idea how many versions there are!

At least 5,000 have been documented, but there are probably about as many more again. Below are some of the rarest on the market, at eBay.

TV and Movie Monopoly Editions

English Football Team Monopoly Editions:

There are many other Monopoly editions, and the top football clubs have multiple versions (champions of a particular year, champions of Europe etc.).

So far, we've only reviewed a few of the different versions, but we'll keep adding games as they come in. Feel free to add your own at our board game reviews page.

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