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Welcome to the web’s best Indiana Jones games guide! We’ve mapped out your shopping route to the gems in the Indiana Jones merchandise world. You won’t need to raid the Lost Ark to afford them, either.

Game of Life Indiana Jones board game!

Indiana Jones Life

Indiana Jones games: Monopoly!

Indiana Jones Monopoly

Indiana Jones games: DVD game!

Indiana Jones DVD game

Indiana Jones games: Mr Potato Head Taters of the Lost Ark!

Taters of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones games: Lost City Archaeological Treasure Dig!

Indy Treasure Dig

Indiana Jones games: Playing Cards!

Indiana Jones Playing Cards

Top Trumps Indiana Jones!

Top Trumps Indy

Top 5 Indiana Jones Games

No matter which fun Indiana Jones merchandise you need, The Beast is on the case! We present the best selection, including Indiana Jones Monopoly and Indiana Jones Lego games. We’re leaving no tomb undisturbed in our search for the best Indiana Jones toys, collectibles and accessories.

In no particular order, here’s our top 5 Indiana Jones board games and game toys.

Monopoly Indiana Jones edition

While the Indy character seems an unlikely one to care very much about capital gains, there is no doubting the appeal of the rugged, handsome archeologist. Collectors of Monopoly game editions will love to own an Indiana Jones board game based on the original. Spurious? Yes, but it’s done beautifully, and will be well received by the Indiana Jones merchandise collector or Monopoly fan in your life.

Game of Life Indiana Jones edition

Another franchise that has been getting its share of attention is the Game of Life, with lots of new licensed versions appearing in the past few years.

What’s nice is that, while it’s recognizably the same board game, each new Life edition has subtle little twists to keep it on theme. Indiana Jones Life is no different, with the same sense of humor as the movies enjoy. It’s not just Life with a few graphics stuck on to the board.

Archeological Treasure Dig

This is an unusual Indiana Jones toy. It’s a side-on view of a lost city, ‘buried’ in sand. It’s really only useable once, but the finished game creates a nice wall-mounted decoration. Who knows, buying this for your child may interest them in archeology in the future…

Mr. Potato Head Indiana Jones

This Indiana Jones toy makes the list, even though it’s technically not a game. We just love the name Taters of the Lost Ark, and the fact that it sort of looks like Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones the DVD Game

Among our collection of DVD TV games and movie and TV games, Indiana Jones is one of the more original, combining the DVD clips with tile laying board game elements. It can be confusing at first, and you cannot skip through the clips, but it’s a better DVD game than many.

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