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Game manufacturer:
Gary Grimm and Associates

Quick Verdict

Halloween Jingo is essentially a variation of the classic Bingo. It plays just like Bingo, except the fact that players cover pictures that answer the trivia questions instead of numbers. Playing this game is a great way to have fun on Halloween night with family and friends, while learning a fact or two.

The game and gameplay

The cards feature wholesome graphics that does a great job to convey the Halloween theme. It is a bit tacky which may not be to everyone’s taste but it is fun to look at and it can be really captivating to kids as well.

Players have to provide the counters or markers to place upon the pictures of the cards. Much like the cards of the original Bingo, each card has 5×5 spaces with pictures on it and 1 free space in the middle.

Thanksgiving Bingo!

Thanksgiving Bingo

The game mechanics are as simple as regular bingo. As a trivia is called, a player covers the picture that answers the trivia if it is on his card. One tries to get a straight line of 5 pictures going vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The first player to have such formation wins the game.

However, rules are flexible so you can literally create the game you want to play. Other interesting combinations can be made up such as “X”, square, and even covering everything to win. Thus, the possibilities are endless on how to play the game.

There’s not much strategy involved, as you only place a marker upon the picture that answers the trivia. But the big selling point is the fact that you learn while you play. It is very educational and it helps kids sharpen their listening skills, critical thinking skills, and visual discrimination. Fun never stops and the interaction is simultaneous thus downtime is never an issue.

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The Verdict

This may not the type of game that will be played very often in a year, but it’s a fun pastime to liven up the Halloween night after trick or treating is over, where the age group is widely mixed.

Click to buy Jingo Halloween Bingo from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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