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Twilight Creations
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Quick Verdict

Players are out to set their strategic skills in this grave robbery game that provides a brand new experience in a bidding environment. In Gravediggers, the goal is to try to accumulate the most loot as you can by the end of the game.

The game and gameplay

The awesome artwork featured in the components really complements the theme. The flimsy cards and thin cardboard coins however, are some disappointments in the game.

A player starts with 5 cards and all 5 cemeteries are played regardless of the number of players. Each grave is dealt with one facedown card which is unknown to everyone. On each player’s turn, one tile is flipped over which has one of the four actions: place, view, reveal, and gravedigger.

The game revolves around grave robbery which is practically the heart and soul of the game. When the Gravedigger card is revealed, players then secretly choose how much to bid based on how much they think is in the grave.

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All bids are revealed simultaneously so there is no way to judge one’s opponent. The innovative part of the game is in loot distribution. Players loot an amount equal to their bid, and the coins are distributed from the lowest bidder to the highest. If a player cannot collect the full amount of his bid if the coins are not enough, he receives nothing but only his bid back. There are special cards- each having a specific function- that can greatly affect the robbery.

Gravediggers is basically a game of limited information. There’s a lot of thinking and underlying decisions to be made. A lot of strategy is involved in every turn and players must be keen in figuring out what their opponents are trying to do. Gaining some knowledge of different graveyards through different tiles will help players decide what grave to capitalize on and what not to. Using the special cards to your best advantage really helps in determining success in the game.

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The idea behind the mechanics of Gravediggers is fresh and unique. It offers a different approach to bidding which most gamers are not yet used to. The game lasts about 40 minutes, provided that players have well understood the rules. It is a bit lengthy to be considered as a filler, but way too short to stand as a main event game.

Click to buy Gravediggers board game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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