Board-Tastic Adult Party Game Ideas!

Fun adult party game ideas from Boardgame Beast. Board games make great adult party games. These board game ideas will transform your party into a bombastic board game bash!

Best Icebreaker

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

Physical Challenge

Bop It

Bop It

Best All-Girls Game

What's a DAME to Do

What’s a DAME to Do?!

Bet On Silly Stuff

Twist on a Classic

Twist on a Classic

Debate Or Die

Cranium Party Playoff

Cranium Party Playoff

Twist on a Classic

Cranium Party Playoff

Cranium Party Playoff

More Adult Party Games Ideas

Who said board games are just for kids? We like to think that classic gaming concepts never wear out, no matter how old the “kids” who play them! You’re never too old to enjoy a game night.

The best board game experience is an adult party game. No matter what the celebration, there’s a board game to make it more memorable. We’ve reviewed dozens of perfect board games for an adult bash! To leave a rating or comment of your own, click the Comments link at the end of any

Clever twists on classic games

There is almost no board game that can’t become a fun party game for adults, with a little imagination:

Monopoly games can be given an extra spice if you all pony up $20 or $50 and play winner-takes-all!

The Jenga stacking game gets more entertaining if you have to remove an item of clothing, or drink a shot, for every time you knock down the construction. (Be sure to record this and upload to YouTube, then send us the results!) For more fun ways to get drunk, check out this guide to drinking games at United Nations of Beer.

Why not organize a CLUE costume party, and dress up as your favorite character before facing off over an actual CLUE game?

“Games for kids” like the Trouble board game can be surprisingly competitive when you’re adult. Nobody likes a bad loser, and nominate one lady as “mom” to break up any fights!

The Banzai DVD Game will brush up your chopstick skills as you bet on weird, Japanese-style game show DVD clips. It’s wacky and wild, and everybody will love it. Serve sake and Japanese beer for additional authenticity.

What’s a DAME to Do?! will be a perfect party game for all-girl groups. Can you think your way out of silly situations? If so, you’re a (high heeled) shoe-in to win. See also: Girlfriends’ Intuition.

As fun to play as it looks weird, Bop It is a true test of hand-eye co-ordination. With multiple play modes and turns taking no more than a couple of minutes, it will be a surprising hit at your party.

Apples to Apples board game is the best all-round ice-breaker, with questions spanning a spectrum of topics, and answers that will always reveal more about your friends than they expected to show.

If you’re looking to spice up the evening, strip Twister is never a bad idea. Again, people, I cannot stress this enough… bring your digital cameras for that one.

If your favorite party games are not listed here, please send us board game reviews.

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