Zombie Attack board game

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Take on the role of the victims AND the Zombies in Zombie Attack, a board game which appears to have been created on a fairly low budget, along the lines of the now-defunct Cheapass Games line, though the components are fairly robust.

Players have to move “their” character AND a Zombie on every turn, which certainly adds to the confusion and excitement! You can opt to attack a Zombie, hide from them, or escape using keys. The layout of the game may remind you of the Clue boardgame, but there were no undead in that game! (At least, not as far as we know, but that Professor Plum was a bit smelly — he claimed it was just a touch of gout — so know can be sure?) Continues belowBecause it plays out really quickly at around half an hour, the Zombie Attack board game is a great choice of games to use as a “filler” between longer sessions and a solid choice for teenage Halloween parties.

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