World’s Best Two Player Games

Don’t buy any Two Player Games without reading our reviews. Here are the best available board games for two people, with at least one great choice for each age group you’re shopping for. NOTE: all games are for two players ONLY.

Editor’s Pick For Kids

Connect Four

Connect Four

Editor’s Pick For Families

Battleship board game

Battleship board game

Editor’s Pick For Adults

Caeser and Cleopatra

Caeser and Cleopatra

Best 2-Player Board Games

Board and card games for two players are really popular these days. As people are more and more busy, it’s harder than ever to get a group of gamers together for a marathon session. That’s why it’s great to have two player games that you can pull out and enjoy when you have a friend handy. They’re also handy if you need a quick “filler” game while waiting for a spot in a longer board game, or when you’ve been eliminated from one.

Board games for two people are flourishing as a result of this trend and we’re happy to collect together our reviews of 2 player board games here for you. Our most recommended games are listed here, in no particular order. None of these will disappoint if you’re buying a gift for a suitably-aged person. All these are two player games ONLY and cannot be played solo.

1: Battleship

It’s impossible to find a better two-player games distraction for families than the Battleship board game. No matter what age the players are, the satisfaction of sinking the enemy’s ships (especially Dad’s!) cannot be beaten. This is our #1 choice of games that can bridge generation gaps, as it is so easy to learn. Arrange a league or knockout tournament if you have larger groups, as this is a really fun way to involve more people.

2: Lost Cities

A deceptively simple card game that plays quickly (15 minutes or less), yet is a rewarding experience for teens or adults, Lost Cities board game is a special blend of easy to learn, hard to master. One of the better card games for two people. A perfect game for playing over a pub table while waiting for a train.

3: Caeser and Cleopatra

Deeper and more strategic than Lost Cities, and a longer game at up to 45 minutes, Caeser and Cleopatra is an enjoyable game for teen to adult players. It’s easily portable, but the historical concept makes this card game for two less accessible than some alternatives.

Connect 4 Game

Connect 4 Game

4: Connect Four

Yes, it’s blindingly simple, and adults will soon grow tired of the game, but as a kids’ game, Connect Four is hard to beat. If you’re looking for something a touch more interesting that is still very playable for kids, check out Cover Up, which takes the same concept up a level.

5: Hive

A tile-laying game that is super-portable in the supplied carry bag, Hive is really simple to learn, but like Chess, deeply strategic and rewards careful planning. A recommended choice of two player games for teens.

6: Brawl

Published by the now-defunct Cheapass Games and still available if you look around (Paizo still sells decks), Brawl is a fast, fun, two-player card game that emulates a fighting video game. Another good choice for teens.

7: Jambo

Played with cards and tokens, Jambo is surprisingly complex, packing a lot of variety into a little box. Once over the learning curve, you will enjoy the game immensely. A rewarding game for teen to adult players.

8: Ninja vs. Ninja

The two-player game that is surprisingly challenging, Ninja vs Ninja will appeal to ‘tween to adult players. Invade the enemy camp with your Ninja and try to get out and back into your dojo alive, and within three turns, to score points. A lot of fun. A simpler three-player variant of this is Pirate vs Pirate.

9: Mastermind

I could never make my mind up about this game. Mastermind board game is a fairly simple game of deduction that kids can grasp, yet is still routinely challenging. Playing it too often, as I did as a kid, will render its charms less appealing, but it’s a good logic game that could be a useful addition to your homeschool teaching games.

10: Kogworks

If you can find one, Kogworks is a fantastic-looking 3D puzzle that is tactile, tough to play, yet rewarding, and has plenty of replay value, yet is playable by kids.

It’s yet to be widely distributed, but is now available on Amazon.

NOTE: We’ve included here ONLY board games designed to be played by just two people, NOT games which MAY be played by two or more players.

It will be obvious from the review which age group they apply to.

Don’t see your favorite 2-player board games here? Send us board game reviews! You can also rate any of the two player games by clicking the comments links at the end of each review.

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