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Get Your Claws on These Hello Kitty Games

No matter which fun Hello Kitty items you need, The Beast is on the case! We present the best selection, including Hello Kitty UNO and Hello Kitty Monopoly. These fun games make great Hello Kitty gifts for collectors AND gamers!

In no particular order, here’s our favorite Hello Kitty party games and Hello Kitty board games.

Doki Doki

Something has definitely been lost in translation with this game, but it’s essentially a Hello Kitty Pop Up Pirates. You stick daggers into the barrel around Hello Kitty, and the loser is the one who makes her jump up out of it! A simple, fun Hello Kitty party game, suitable for young children.

UNO Hello Kitty Edition

Just try to resist this lovely-looking game, with the cards held in the Hello Kitty head-shaped case. Otherwise it’s the same old UNO card game you’ve played a hundred times before. A good choice of Hello Kitty items for stocking stuffers, party favors, or party game prizes.

Monopoly Hello Kitty Edition

If there’s a character that’s made it, then it’s been made into a Monopoly game. This is a great choice of game for a ‘tween sleepover party, and is suitable for kids aged 8yrs and up.

Yahtzee Hello Kitty Edition

Another great game gets joins the army of Hello Kitty products. There’s no doubting the universal appeal of Yahtzee games, and this game is beautifully created, with a Hello Kitty head-shaped dice cup! A great choice of Hello Kitty party games for players aged 6yrs and up.

Twister Hello Kitty Edition

There’s nothing quite like Twister games for getting kids tied in knots at parties. So, if you’re organizing a Hello Kitty party and need games, this could be the solution. It’s a Twister take-along, so your child can pack it up to take to sleepover parties. Can even be played by teens, but the vibe is very different and would not suit this theme.

Connect Four Hello Kitty Edition

Another take-along product, this time suitable for only two players. Connect Four is simplicity itself, and this version is nicely made to appeal to collectors of Hello Kitty products.

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