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Settlers of Catan has become a huge hit, selling millions of copies, and is considered to be the perfect ‘bridge’ game between generally more simplistic North American board games and the so-called Euro Gaming movement. #1 never forgotten gift idea: The Settlers 10th Anniversary Treasure Chest edition!

Settlers of Catan Review

If you don’t know what the fuss is about Settlers of Catan, then check out this Catan review. But for the rest of you (one of the 12 million people who have bought the game!), this guide will show you all the best resources, including expansions and fun gift items for Settlers fans.

Original Catan Game
The first game has been revamped several times during the 15 years since its release. We’re now into the 4th edition.

10th Anniversary Wooden Chest Edition
This is our favorite! A 3D game with hexes that have miniature landscapes etched onto them, this is number one on our must have list, if Santa’s reading this…

15th Anniversary Wooden Tile Edition

One third the price or less than the 10th edition, but nowhere near as impressive. Has had some stick from fans for not actually being solid wood, just veneer. But still well received in general.

Catan Dice Game

For those of you who love dice games, there’s good news. You can now roll your way to victory points and not bother to set up the board at all!

Catan Travel Edition

One of the problems of Catan is that the board cannot be moved at all. This travel edition sets that problem straight.

XBox 360 Edition

If all your friends are virtual ones, then you can still play Catan. Hooray!

5-6 Player Expansion
If you have more than four players in your group, now you can all play!

Cities and Knights of Catan

This makes for a much, much longer and more strategic game.

Traders and Barbarians Expansion

Five scenarios really add a lot to the basic set, and makes the game more like traditional strategy board games.

Silly Settlers-Themed Gifts

Buy these for the Setters of Catan board game fan in YOUR life!

Hex Goddess Spaghetti Strap Dress

Sexy as hell, and for fans of Catan there’s nothing like it. Buy it for your squeeze — she’ll be VERY grateful, and you will be too when the eyes of the guys are taken off the game, and you get a strategic advantage!

Also available as a mug, but really, do you need any more reasons to buy this amazing dress?

See also: board game T-shirts page.

I Need Wood Mug

A best-selling gift for Settlers fans. We love this product, and you will too! Speaks for itself. See also: Give Me Some Wood Mug.

Hex Maniac Hoodie

Super-cool. Also available as a mug.

You’re Too Hexy Mug

Just as funny as the others. Only more.

Let’s Trade Resources T-Shirt

A subtle message is woven into this T-shirt, and if the lady you’re speaking to ‘gets’ it, then so will you!

We’ve rounded up as many editions of this modern classic as we could find, but we’re sure to have missed some. Feel free to add other versions of the Catan game at our board game reviews page. You can also leave your comments and footprint ratings on each game by clicking on the Comments link at the end of each review.

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