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Quick Verdict

Halloween Jenga takes the original Jenga stacking game and cranks up the fun with a Halloween theme to play with. Now fans will be able to enjoy the fun and fright of Halloween while playing their favorite dexterity game.

The game and gameplay

The tower is built at the beginning of the game. It consists of 54 Halloween themed blocks that runs 18 layers high with 3 blocks per layer. Each layer should be perpendicular with another to allow the blocks to be taken out and moved during the game. Players take turns to remove a block from the tower without knocking it down. The last player to do so wins the game.

This simple game helps develop coordination and dexterity, especially since a player may only use one hand to remove a block. It helps improve a player’s sense of balance as well.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the game is the special glow in the dark die featuring Halloween icons that match to special instructions not found in a standard Jenga game. Roll a “haunted house” and the direction of play is reversed; get to remove any piece if a “spider” is rolled; and only a black block can be removed by rolling a “bat”. This adds an exciting twist that makes the game even more fun and challenging.

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There’s not much strategy involved in this game because players simply pull out a piece from the tower. However, the key to doing well the game is to carefully select which piece to pull out. It is safe to remove the center block and leave the two outside blocks to act as balance points.

However, you can test your skills by trying to remove two outside blocks. The one left in the middle is a narrow point of balance which can give your opponents all kinds of risks of tumbling the tower. You can also go for the bottom blocks while trying not to knock the tower down to make it hard for other players to make moves.

It doesn’t take long to finish a single game, so several rounds in one sitting is very likely. It works great if you are looking for something light and easy or something to play in between heavier games.

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The Verdict

Since when did stacking stuff up and then knocking it down again stop being fun? Just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean the trashing action should stop! In fact, the blood sugar level after trick or treating should ensure a few extra wobbles. On your Halloween night, Halloween Jenga is a great choice of a family game that can provide fun, laughter and entertainment for all age groups.

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