Sorry! Board Game: A Classic Reborn

There are lots of Sorry! board game editions these days. We’ve done our best to round them up!

Best Sorry! Game Editions

This evergreen kids’ board game classic is available in so many versions, it’s confusing. This guide is designed to help you find the best Sorry games editions. Because the game is designed to appeal mainly to children, most of the themed editions focus on characters that entertain kids aged six to 12 years of age. There are a couple of exceptions.
Here, in no particular order, are the best editions of the game of Sorry!

Sorry! The Board Game original
If you’re one of those parents that can’t stand to see a classic board game ruined by having a cartoon character’s face slapped onto it, then this is for you. The original and perhaps still the best version, complete with all the cards you remember from your youth. A fine trip down memory lane. Talking of which…
Sorry! Nostalgia
Grandparents reading this will no doubt remember when board games really deserved the name! Their boxes were wooden, and the pieces too. None of this plastic nonsense. Now this edition has been created with you in mind, because it’s just like the games you used to buy fifty years ago. Classy.

Spongebob Squarepants Sorry!
To us, the creator of Spongebob is the one who should be saying sorry, but you can’t deny the appeal. The kids love this annoying, noisy brat of a cartoon, and this game will probably appeal to the Spongebob fans in your life.

The Simpsons Sorry!
It’s a real surprise to see this game. After all, while Bart Simpson does appeal to younger kids, in truth The Simpsons is a TV show created for adults. The humor is very highbrow and most of the one-liners will be misunderstood or ignored by the kind of children who play the game of Sorry! Could be a cash in, or is this just a way to make Sorry! easier to swallow for put-upon parents?
Sorry! Sliders
An admirable attempt to make the Sorry! board game more physical and less luck-reliant, Sliders is a good game that has been well received by Amazon buyers. We suggest you check out it, especially if you have kids of mixed ages.

Have we missed any? SORRY! Feel free to add other Sorry game finds at our board game reviews page. We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us.

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