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Board game developer:
Twilight Creations
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Quick Verdict

It may sound like a stupid idea to buy up real estate in a Zombie-infested neighborhood of cemeteries, and it is. But that’s the premise of ZombieTown, and don’t complain, you’re the one who wants to play it, after all!

The game and gameplay

In this game, players face all the horror in a little town as the living dead rise from the cemetery in town square. The object of the game is to survive 10 days of zombie apocalypse. The player with the most points at the end wins the game. Points are earned by gathering supplies, finding survivors, zombie kills, and acquisition of properties.

The components are quite good like any other games by Twilight Creations, responsible for such hits as Zombies!!! and Humans!!! Already, Twilight Creations has released an expansion: ZombieTown 2: Road Rage, so this game is proving popular.

Humans!!! board game!

Humans!!! board game

Pros and Cons

The cards are a bit generic and dull with their backs in black and white, making them quite difficult to discern from one another. Though this doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way, it would have been nice to see some evocative, flavorful cards in play which would have really added an additional plus to the game.

Although the rulebook tried to provide well written instructions that aren’t that complex, there are some unclear areas that need to be explained further. Expanded rules available on the developer’s website really help. It does take a while to go over the set of rules but once you get to familiarize yourself with it, the game flows swiftly with every turn thus downtime isn’t a big issue.

While there are some aspects in the game that need to be worked on, there’s still much to the game design that needs to be praised. The direct interaction with other players makes the game much more fun. It’s interesting to see how everyone comes up with a strategy to claim houses and leave it guarded, complete with barricades and all.

ZombieTown 2: Road Rage!

ZombieTown 2: Road Rage

Players have to decide the best course for moving around zombies. The limited supply of resources and ammos is also a clever idea. It makes a player decide whether a zombie is worth the kill or the last bullet should be saved for later use.

With each and every move, wise decisions have to be made.

The reduction of victory point total each time special abilities are performed is another excellent mechanic of the game.

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The Verdict

If you are a fan of survival horror games, Zombietown is definitely for keeps. It is designed to be simple yet challenging. It has a good replay value, players would want to repeatedly play the game to try different strategies and see how things play out.

Click to buy ZombieTown board game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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The game revolves around either fighting Zombies or keeping people free of Zombie attacks. Shoot zombies, rescue survivors, search houses, heal yourself, build barricades… most of these actions are represented by playing cards from your hand. You’re also responsible for moving the Zombies around, hopefully in a way which will hamper your opponents’ efforts! Continues belowBeing passive will not win you the game, you’re going to have to get out there and waste some Zombies.

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