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Looney Labs
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Quick Verdict

It’s the Fluxx card game — with Zombies! Zombie Fluxx takes the award-winning card game Fluxx and cranks up the fun with a Zombie uprising.

The game and gameplay

If you are well familiar with Fluxx, then you already have an idea about how the basic card types play such as Goals, Keepers, New Rules, and Action cards.

In addition to these basic card types, Zombie Fluxx comes with Creeper cards (zombies). These are cards that you would not want to have, because they often prevent you from winning. “Creeper” zombie cards are placed face-up in front of the player — you draw again if you draw a Creeper zombie. Mostly zombies are bad news (of course), but you CAN win by building a big army of zombies!

Another card type new to this game is Ungoal. It plays exactly like the Goal, but if the conditions are met, everyone automatically loses and the zombies win.

The mechanics are pretty much still the same as Fluxx, starting with the basic rule of draw 1 and play 1. Then the crazy stuff happens. Rules change with each turn and so do the winning conditions.

Zombies!!! board game!

Zombies!!! board game

So basically it is just like the original Fluxx, except that this is a more involved version with more twists and turns and complexities to make the game even more insanely entertaining than the original.

This game however can get really confusing if you are not familiar with the regular Fluxx. The directions included explain things well, though the best way to understand the game just is to play.

No two games play the same in Fluxx, which keeps it from getting boring. This is due to the fact that rules are constantly changing. As long as you can handle the frantic nature of play, you’ll surely love the game.

Pros and Cons

It doesn’t take long to play the game even with multiple runs of it. This is a good thing and works to the game’s advantage.

The cards are the usual high standard you’d expect from Looney Labs.

Players can’t expect a high amount of strategic depth involved. One may come up with some strategy in order to win but it can easily be scrapped by the action cards and goal changes. This makes the game way too random for some players.

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The Verdict

The game is designed to be a simple, light, fun game instead of being a serious one. If you are looking for a filler between strategically dense games or something to be played for a quick laugh to kill time, this game works well at that.

Click to buy Zombie Fluxx  from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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