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The Risk boardgame is an all-time classic. For some players, it’s as close as they’ll ever get to a “serious” tabletop battle board game.

The game has fairly light rules, relies quite heavily on luck and yet, offers plenty of strategy for wargamers to get their teeth into. It rewards patience and clever thinking, though is accessible to the masses. Just about the perfect intro to wargaming.

Over the years, many versions of this board game have appeared, as the collector’s market for board games expands. The most infamous is the Risk Black Ops edition. Expect to find several hundred dollars for a mint copy (at one point, they were trading for $1000 each!). This is a limited edition that will never be repeated, and the ultimate (for now) Risk boardgame collectible.

For people on a tighter budget who like the Black Ops look, check out Risk Onyx edition. It looks awesome, and is much more affordable, not limited, so you’ll be able to find it in a number of outlets, online or offline.

One of our favorites here at Boardgame Beast is theĀ Risk Star Wars edition. It’s a radical departure from the original gameplay, and that is probably a good thing, otherwise we’d see spurious games like Family Guy Risk or The Simpsons Risk. Star Wars Risk is a much different animal. LikeĀ Lord of the Rings Risk, it’s more of a ‘proper’ wargame, with warring factions and new rules designed to break up the luck-based gameplay of the original. Die-hard fans of Risk will not necessarily welcome these changes, but the good news is, for people like that, there’s plenty of choice too.

This handsome Risk Vintage Book edition would look great on Dad’s desk, it really turns back time to the early days of this true classic of board games history. Well worth checking out.

Got an opinion? What’s your favorite Risk board game edition? Played Lord of the Rings Risk and loved it, or think it’s the stupidest concept ever? Whatever your opinion, please send us board game reviews of these games if you’ve played them!

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