Witch of Salem board game

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Witch of Salem board game

If you’ve been dying to play another horror-themed board game since trying the well-received Arkham Horror, then get out your broomstick and prepare to cast a spell over this Euro-boardgame. But fans looking for more of the Arkham experience will be surprised: this is a very different beast. Can you hang onto your sanity?

This board game is co-operative. It’s you and the other player(s) against the monsters! Based on H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos, you have to kill monsters and close portals, while keeping a close eye on the creeping threat of the dreaded Neron and fighting off the panic and madness that threatens to overwhelm your being. Continues below

Because this is a game where you team up, it’s important to note that the gameplay relies upon communication and joint strategy. Luck has some impact, but in general most players will be satisfied by the balance of the Witch of Salem board game and find it a definite challenge. It’s considered one of the toughest co-operative board games. For 2-4 teen-adult players.

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