So you have decided to throw a party, great! How are you going to keep everyone engaged? Good question. I have a list of 10 best party board games for you. Board games invite others to rise to the challenge, and embrace their inner child and build friendships. Who knows what you will find in while building an empire, risking it by the roll of the die or digging out the dictionary?
Anyone throwing a party is typically drawing a crowd. In looking at this list, you will see two player board games as well as large group games as well. The goal here is to keep the group moving, watching or “helping” from the sidelines. Here are some of the more interactive board games for your party.

2 Player Games

Two player games are typically quick games and can invite others to watch from the sidelines. For our 10 Best Party Board Games, I have include two of the most common for your party.


Battleship Game
Battleship is for the adventurer. The game typically lasts about ten to fifteen minutes and has the possibility of being quite rowdy. It is a combination of peg boards and various size ships. The Goal is to correctly guess where the ship is on your enemy’s board. Depending on the size of the board, it could take two correct guesses or up to 5 correct guesses to sink the ship. Some people treat this game like a chess board or a game to concentrate on. But the best party moments come from the playful banter between the players and watchers.


This is another game that can either be treated as a serious game of concentration or a rowdy game of chance. Move your pieces from one side of the board to the other. Remove your opponent’s chips by jumping over them. It is a simple concept that is easy to learn and fun to play.

2 to 4 Player Games

For larger parties, you need more than two player games. There are games that you could use for two to four players and they don’t take up much room during the party itself.


For those at your party that loves the detective stories – this one is for them. The game starts out that someone has been murdered. Based on the cards the players receive, attempt to determine who killed the deceased and how it was completed. The fantastic stories that people come up with during the course of the game assist with the good humor and the party spirit. This is game is worthy of the 10 best party board games rating.


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This game is not a widely played in some areas. So there is a good chance it will be a new game to everyone at your party. I can guarantee it will give you and your friends hours of enjoyment. Take a few minutes to see how this game is played:


Click the circular plastic piece to roll the die. Based on your movements you could be on the road to completion or a road to trouble. Watch out!

Sorry !

Some might consider this to be a child’s game but at a party. There is no better type! Get all your pieces home – but hope that no one lands on your spot, you’ll go back home. Sorry!

Pay Day

Have fun playing with someone else’s money. In this game, its payday! Discover ways to get through life and that paycheck. The game is user friendly and welcomes players of all ages. It is worth trying and it guarantees laughter, taunts and can be modified to adjust to the type of party you are undertaking.

Game of Life

The Game of Life Game
So, remember when people asked what you wanted to do with your life? Well, with this game you get to experience it all – employment, salary, family, children, fast cars, etc. There is plenty to go around. This game has morphed into several different variations and even has a digital version of the game. This is typical for 2-4 players but it is worth its salt in the best party board games list.

4+ Player Games

So you have are large party group? These are some the best ways to get everyone involved! These are the games that are played best if more than 4 people are playing. Get ready for plenty of interaction and fun times.


Get your dictionary ready! This is a game that cam develop some really interesting words and vocabulary lessons. Typically this can be played with 2 or more players, if you think you will be running out of tiles for your game, all you would have to do is buy more. You can do teams or multiple single players. There is always some sort of fun awaiting you with this wordsmithing game.


Do you think you can get away with that? That is the whole premise surrounding Balderdash. This will create plenty of memories for you and your party members! Is what they are telling you true or false? The goal is to get to the end of the game board – but there are some curious surprises that await you. This is a great game to play girls vs guys or another variation of teams. It is sure to warm the heart and keep you guessing all night.

In Summary

So, for your next party use the top 10 best party board games to ensure a lively party. These games work for small, large or extra-large parties. Enjoy the non-technical experience and get to know the folks around you. What will work especially for your particular party? That depends on many things. But you can’t go wrong with these top ten party board games.

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