Last Night On Earth Zombie Board Game

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Flying Frog Productions
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Quick Verdict

Another day, another fight for survival in a zombie-infested township. Last Night On Earth is a very good example of the Zombie board games genre, with an interesting choice between playing good or bad guys, and will challenge and entertain seasoned gamers.

The game and gameplay

This fast-paced survival horror game takes place in a small town of Woodinvale troubled by zombies. Players take on the role of either the heroes or zombies.

The main objective of human players is to complete side quests and make it through the night while fighting off the unending waves of zombies. The Zombies’ goal, on the other hand, is to, well, eat every living human being. However, zombie players can give humans all kinds of hell by utilizing tactics such as hiding beside or inside buildings.

Getting into the game and explaining the basics may take some time, but it is well worth learning all the rules. After playing it twice or so, everything will be smooth sailing. Inevitably, the game starts out slow, but little by little the tension builds up as the game progresses.

Last Night on Earth Zombies with Grave Weapons miniatures!

Last Night On Earth Grave Weapons Expansion

The modular board allows for variety which gives the game a high replay value. It randomly determines the layout of the town at the start of each game, causing players to utilize varying strategies every time.

The game plays with five scenarios, each giving a different feel that makes each game unique every time you play.

The cards that come with the set make the game even more interesting. Most of the scenarios depend on drawing certain cards to complete objectives and move forward to the next.

Pros and Cons

Fun balance between playing good or bad teams, and co-operative play, with its social elements, is always a pleasure.

There are instances that a player may have to wait in between turns, but that doesn’t drag the game at all.

Last Night On Earth game soundtrack!

Last Night On Earth soundtrack CD

This is a cooperative game so it’s fun to see what other players are trying to do on their own turns, which will likely determine their success in the game.

Nicely-made components and good artwork.

Luck, which adds to the suspense and uncertainty of play, is as important as strategy in this game. Advantages in favor of either team really depend on the luck of draw and the roll of dice. If luck is on your side and you’ve had some good rolls on your attack or movement, winning the game for a team is very likely.

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The Verdict

Last Night On Earth has more than enough depth and variety to keep the players coming back for more, not to mention the game’s strong cooperative gameplay which is really fun. It has the great qualities of a lengthy strategy game, while trying to be as simple as possible, so not only serious but also casual players can enjoy this game.

Click to buy Last Night On Earth The Zombie Game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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