Arkham Horror

by Christian

(Glassboro, NJ)

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Arkham Horror
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Fantasy Flight Games
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Quick verdict

Based on the works of HP Lovecraft, Arkham Horror brings the mighty Cthulhu back to the board game. This game is in depth and takes time, and when we say time we mean a day or two for most scenarios.

The game and gameplay

Players can take on each of the classic Elder Gods in a race against time along one of the biggest fold-out maps ever seen. The selection of personas one can play is vast and full of character.

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Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Arkham Horror is a classic game of Lovecraftian Adventure that has also spawned one expansion pack and a whole expansion board game to connect to the original board, making the game even bigger and more challenging.

Players begin in various places within the Arkham County, which encompasses a good part of Massachusetts, including the fabled Innsmouth from most Lovecraft stories.One player makes himself the game controller as in he runs the game and monsters.

Once an Elder God scenario is chosen, players are against an Armageddon Clock. As it rises, the fear level rises and with that various parts of the board become closed to players, as well as summoning various monsters on the board that get in the way.

Players are able to visit places and gather clues to defeat the monsters in the game, as well as shop in different locations and buy weapons and magic.

The locations vary from towns, hospitals, mental institutions, graveyards and even includes other worlds and dimensions. Each player has a character card, which lists various abilities and powers. These stats can be changed on each turn to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

If the Armageddon Clock reaches the appropriate number (it changes per Elder God), the game isn’t over. If the players can’t stop the clock, then the Elder God comes to Earth.

Now it’s the players versus the Elder God. It’s a final showdown for your life and your sanity!

The verdict

I give the excellent and complex Arkham Horror game a footprint Rating of four and a half. If you have the luxury of time to enjoy this game, it’s unbeatable.

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Click here to search for this atmospheric horror-themed board game on eBay!

Click to search for Arkham Horror on eBay!

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Feb 23, 2010

United Against Evil

by: Anonymous

A fun twist in that the group is playing cooperatively. Ultimately, Arkham boils down to a resource collection game, with potent obstacles that often keep you from being prepared for the big baddy at the end. We have played it a couple dozen times (be prepared for the play time in longer games) and have won only twice!

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