BINGO! The Best Scrabble Games Reviews

Scrabble has been given the “licensing” treatment, which means there’s LOADS of amazing editions — from the sublime to the ridiculous! In our view, anything which gets people using their brains more is a good thing. But all those game versions available to buyers can be confusing. This guide will help.

Great Scrabble Game Editions

We love to play this great word game, and have been amazed by the number of different versions there are competing for your cash. Some of them are really silly, but that doesn’t make them unworthy!

Here, in no particular order, are our Top 10 Scrabble editions. All of them show either imagination, a sense of humor, or blatant capitalism, and no matter which, we like them a lot.

Nightmare Before Christmas Game

Not only do we love Tim Burton’s classic The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, we love this edition of the game, with its Jack Skellington head-shaped board, and the cool racks with gravestones on their tops. Also you get a twofer, as you can break it out at Halloween AND Christmas!

Scrabble Word Generator

Not an actual edition, we admit, but this is perhaps the best gadget ever created for fans of the board game. Search for words based on your rack of letters (if the other players will allow it!). Highly rated on Amazon and highly recommended.

Shrek Game

This is a little more spurious for some reason, but we still love it, especially the snot green tiles! Unfortunately it will appeal to kids, who may be frustrated because this is not a child’s board game.

Inflatable Edition

Perhaps the silliest ever word game edition, this inflatable board game allows you to play in the pool. Make sure you use wooden tiles, so if they fall in, they’ll float! A great stocking stuffer or gag gift for people who like the game.

Star Trek Game

On the plus side, a lot of Star Trek fans will love this edition. On the minus side, it’s really a bit of a lazy edition, with just a Star Trek board and not much else to set it apart.

Onyx Edition

Clean, black and white lines make this a more elite edition than most, though if you can’t afford the Franklin Mint one, it’s probably the best available.

Franklin Mint Edition

This is the edition of Scrabble for people who have too much money and don’t know what to spend it on! Actually, it’s a superb edition, only second to the Settlers of Catan 10th Anniversary Edition on our wish list. Luxurious, stunning to behold, and truly special.

Express Handheld Game

This is the best single player version of the world’s best word game. Unlike some other versions, like Pogo, the screen is big enough to be useable, and it’s well made. You may have to pay well to get a mint copy, as it’s no longer made.

Scramble To Go

This is kind of a hybrid with Boggle, and it’s a fun dice-based game that will really appeal if you have grown a little tired of the basic game. It adds a new dimension, literally, and it’s never boring to play dice games. You get to throw lots of dice and make nice noisy rumbling sounds!

Slam Card Game

While board/card games are not everybody’s cup of tea, being crossovers between board and card games, this SLAM! game is very popular with fans of the original, and you’ll enjoy it. Because after all, your skills will port nicely over to the card game, which is more easily portable too.

If your favorite Scrabble games are not listed here, then please send us board game reviews.

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