Nascar Games: Redline Your Fun!

The best NASCAR Games, suitable for all the family! When you’re wondering what to buy the NASCAR fan in your life, reach for our NASCAR racing games reviews.

Best NASCAR Racing Games

If you’re a fan of NASCAR, then you should consider adding one or more NASCAR fantasy racing games to your family’s gaming rotation. Whether it’s NASCAR Monopoly or something a little more active, there’s something here for everybody — including people who would rather COLLECT board games than play them!

Here’s our selection of the best NASCAR fantasy racing games, in no particular order. You know your guys best, so you’ll know what kind of thing appeals to them.

NASCAR Monopoly

We love the variety and collectible appeal of Monopoly game editions, and this NASCAR themed game is the classic Monopoly game play you know and love in NASCAR form. Trade drivers and teams, wheel and deal your way to victory. A great gift for the NASCAR fan who has almost everything.

Operation Pit Stop

This is a superb idea! They took the basic Operation game, where you pull bones out of a sick patient using tweezers, and taking care to avoid touching the sides of the wounds to avoid buzzing. Now they themed it to NASCAR, so instead of a patient, you have a car in the pits and have to replace broken parts. A great toy for families or younger players.

NASCAR Trivial Pursuit

When you take a game as dry as Trivial Pursuit, it might fall flat with the racy NASCAR crowd. But those clever chaps created a digital, hand-held version that is portable, so you can carry it in the car on the way to the race track or the sports bar, and play it pretty much anywhere. A really good gift for true trivia fans.

NASCAR Racing Heroes Slot Car Race Set

It’s great to watch NASCAR on TV, but it’s even more fun to challenge Dad and try to beat him in as close to the real thing as most of us will get! This is a true NASCAR fantasy racing games classic. Enough track to set up different circuits, and cars that travel at a scale 1000 MPH!


Watching clips of actual NASCAR races makes this DVD board game really exciting. You move your counters around the board based on your responses to the DVD clips and the questions asked by the quiz master. A fun way to make NASCAR TV watching more interactive.

We are bound to have missed out on fun NASCAR racing games, so if you find something we’ve overlooked, please submit your own board game reviews. You can rate or comment on any of the NASCAR racing games above using the Comments link at the end of each review.

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