Family Guy Games

These amazing Family Guy Games encourage you to be rude, drunk and ignorant! We’ve spent some of our precious beer time putting together this guide. It includes Family Guy drinking games as well as regular board games — and the odd freak item we couldn’t resist adding for giggles!

Top 5 Family Guy Games

Our list of Family Guy drinking games and board games is presented in no particular order. We love all things Family Guy, so it will come as no surprise that we love a variety of the games for different reasons.

CLUE Family Guy Edition

Everything about this great version of the world-famous CLUE board game is excellent. From the “Peter smelling a fart” front cover of the box to the sculpted character playing tokens and redesigned board, the attention to detail is superb, and Family Guy collectors will absolutely love it.

Family Guy UNO Card Game

This simple card game has entertained families for generations. And if you’re forced to play UNO with the kids, and are not allowed to drink beer while you’re doing it, then you might as well smile when you see those famous characters like Stewie, Chris, Meg and Lois.

Family Guy Trivial Pursuit

The most popular trivia game ever created has spawned a lot of Trivial Pursuit editions, but this one appeals to us very strongly. It’s nicely themed, and packaged in a pie-shaped case that Stewie would love! The questions vary from easy to impossible, as usual, and only rabid fans will really enjoy it. People who have seen a few shows will struggle to compete.

Family Guy Drinking Dice Set

Want to get drunk? Roll four dice, follow the instructions on them, and repeat until you pass out. Pretty simple! And we had to add this lovely Drinking Games Pint Glass, as it’s a perfect match for the dice set. A great stocking stuffer or gag birthday gift for a Peter Griffin fan.

Family Guy DVD Blast!

Who needs an excuse to watch more Family Guy? Not us for sure. So when this DVD TV game appeared, we had to grab a copy. Most of the game involves watching a clip and then answering a question related to it (and sometimes not related to it at all!), but the game is super fun and good value for money.

Don’t see your favorite Family Guy board game here? Send us board game reviews! We’ll publish your comments and footprint ratings on each game as soon as you submit them to us.

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