Bag O Zombies!!! Glow in the Dark

by The Beast!

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Click to buy Bag O' Zombies - Glow in the Dark  from Amazon!Bag O Zombies!!! – Glow in the Dark

If you’ve played and enjoyed the Zombies!!! board game, then you’ve probably bemoaned the lack of options for people who dislike artificial lighting. Especially in winter, it’s simply not possible to play this game in the dark. Ya boo hiss.

So the news that ironically-named game creator Twilight has come out with glowing Zombie miniatures will come as a relief in some quarters. Continues belowThe warning from the manufacturer that “You have to have the Zombies!!! game to use these miniatures” just shows how limited the imagination is in these times of lawsuit-driven insanity. I can think of at least a dozen uses for these minis and I don’t own the Zombies!!! game at all… I plan to use my Bag O Zombies!!! – Glow in the Dark to scare the crap out of my five-year-old son by lining them up along his bed and windowsill around Halloween.

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