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Twilight Creations
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Quick Verdict

Zombies!!! Midevil is a fast-paced standalone game which is an extension of the award winning Zombies!!! board game series. It captures the plot of the movie Army of Darkness, though they are in no way related to each other.

The game and gameplay

In this game, players are transported back in time to medieval period, where they must fight against the hordes of skeletal warriors. To win the game, you must be the first to find the Necronomicon and bring it back to the altar, or kill 30 points worth of skeletons.

The materials of course are up to the standards of Twilight Creations. Quality map tiles and cards are neatly detailed just like those in Zombies!!! The life counters however, can be easily mistaken as player pawns. This can be confusing and might get in the way of play.

Another minor flaw is that player pawns has the same color with the skeletons making the pawns hard to find especially when the map becomes flooded with undead skeletons.

Zombies!!! Midevil 2: Castle Chaos!

Zombies!!! Midevil 2

The gameplay is pretty much straightforward and very much the same as its predecessor, while adding a few twists and turns, which take the game into a whole new level of fun gaming experience.

Pros and Cons

The use of skeletons in a variety of ways is a clever idea. They can be used to bring some cards to play and to raise combat numbers as well. When and where to use them is totally up to the players and this is where individual strategy comes in. You may come up short to gain a 30-point or lose it all if you don’t use them wisely.

Another huge difference is the game’s victory condition. You have to make it back to the altar with the Necronomicon after you get it from the graveyard. During your way back, other players can attack you and try to steal the book from you. This player-player combat is definitely one of the great things that add tension to this already challenging game.

Zombies!!! Midevil 3: Subterranean Homesick Blues!

Zombies!!! Midevil 3

The game plays quickly and smoothly with a lot of replayability. A complete four-player game can be finished in a just an hour or so, and playing another round is likely.

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The Verdict

Midevil is an excellent successor to the Zombies!!! line of games. There is a lot more strategy added, but the simple original gameplay is still at the heart of this great game. If you love Zombies!!!, you don’t want to miss this.

Click to buy Zombies!!! Midevil from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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