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Board game manufacturer:
Twilight Creations

Quick Verdict

Taking a twist from its parent game Zombies!!!, instead of playing the shotgun guy trying to escape the zombie-infested town, Humans!!! lets you play as a zombie, trying to infect as many townsfolk in town as possible.

The game and gameplay

The first player to reach his captured human goal wins. This game can be played as a stand- alone or as an add-on to Zombies!!!, where players choose to play the humans or the zombies.

The artwork of the cards is brilliant as usual with the series – vividly graphic – which works just perfect for a very thematic game. The event cards are back to help everyone out at the table. Along with its components which are pretty solid, comes a thoroughly written rulebook containing a few examples.

For beginners rules can be a bit complicated especially when this game is played as an add-on but everything clears up the second time around. It will greatly help if a player is familiar with the Zombies!!! game series. At the beginning when a player has just one zombie, the game can be quite boring but things go smoothly after just a short while.

Players have usually two options: to eat or to infect. To come with a decision for your next move and all that follows adds a lot to the strategy.

The more you play this game, the more you will find out the possibilities which can greatly work to your advantage. For instance you figure out how to successfully capture humans by cornering them, leaving no room for them to escape.

Pros and Cons

Click to buy Humans!!! board game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

Tile-laying element to the board creates a new playing area each time, and makes the game fresh with each play.

Very strong luck element can frustrate, but it’s fun for zombie players to die at the hands of humans… right?

Some of the rules are hard to follow, and most regular players simply modify them to suit.

Tiles could be made from better materials. They will wear quickly if not handled with care.

This game provides 60 minutes of fun play, provided the game is played with the right company. Faster than Zombies!!!, which can run to hours.

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The Verdict

Although pretty basic and fairly straight forward, Humans!!! is a very well designed game that has a good replay value. For zombie fans or just casual players looking for a simple game that can be reasonably entertaining, this one is really worth having.

Click to buy Humans!!! board game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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