Zombies!!! Midevil 2: Castle Chaos

by The Beast!

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Click to buy Zombies!!! Midevil 2 Castle Chaos from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Zombies!!! Midevil 2: Castle Chaos

Taking the players’ favorite Zombies!!! board game and turning it into a fantasy-themed scenario where you bash Skeletons instead was never going to be easy, but creator Twilight nailed it. So much so that there is now the demand for expansions — this is the first.

You get no less than 52 add-ons for the Midevil game, which is based on Zombies!!! but not directly compatible with it. This provides plenty of extra gaming for adventure-starved fans of the series. Continues belowAt the time of writing (August 2010), Zombies!!! Midevil 2: Castle Chaos. We suggest you snap it up, quick-smart. Take their arm off at the elbow, in fact.

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