Zombies!!! MidEvil Deluxe

by The Beast!

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If the thought of the Zombies!!! board game being played against Skeletons, in the far reaches of history, seems just about the most perfect match for you since PB&J, or Brad, Angelina and a divorce lawyer, then Midevil is going to be just your cup of tea (and a little cake on the saucer).

The problem is, this game series is so popular and Twilight such a bunch of greedy bastards that more and more versions and expansions keep appearing. The solution? A one-stop box for all things Midevil. Continues belowThis box includes everything from the MidEvil base set, MidEvil 2 and MidEvil 3, and comes with new, improved figures, including 100 Heavily Armed and Angry Skeleton Warriors!

You don’t need to own the original Zombies!!! game to play Midevil, it’s a stand-alone game. Zombies!!! MidEvil Deluxe is a cracking buy.

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