Last Night On Earth game soundtrack

by The Beast!

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The increasingly ironically-named Last Night on Earth Zombie board game continues to garner new fans — and what do fans do best? Buy stuff! Yes, this is the latest must-have accessory for the LNOE franchise; and the great news is, it’s original and fun.

This 16-track CD is specially composed to be played as a background to the board game. The special edition includes five bonus tracks inspired by expansions to the core game, but that may not be enough to sway on the fence fans. Continues belowYou need a better reason to buy this item? How about two EXCLUSIVE game cards that are only available with the CD?

This sounds suspiciously clever to us, but if you’re the kinda person who can’t sleep properly unless you have EVERYTHING relating to your favorite zombie games, then the Last Night On Earth game soundtrack special edition should be on your Wish List.

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