Women Fighting Men

by Shelley

(Upstate New York, USA)

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Women Fighting Men
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Quick Verdict

Women and Men is an overcomplicated couples’ party game.

The game and gameplay

Goal: Achieve the most victory points by having the most popular answers to thematic questions.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The starting player selects a theme card, then picks one theme from a set of six to announce to the group. All players write down their top five answers to the theme.

The starting player announces her first answer. Everyone else checks their list for that same answer. The rank that each other player placed that same answer is then added to the starting player’s score. The starting player then repeats this process with the rest of her answers to this question.Once the starting player has finished with her answers, the next player repeats this process, and around until all players have scored their answers. Players then eliminate the highest scoring answer, total the remainder and have a final score.

The next player draws a new theme card, picks a theme question, and the game continues for a total of eight rounds.

Pros and cons

This game works best with the maximum number of players who are comfortable with each other, and just a little bit giddy. A gamer geek will probably find most of the theme questions far too dependent on knowledge of pop culture, and the game (by nature) pits men against women. There are many adult-slanted themes, so not a great family game until the kids are mature.

The rules and cards are rife with spelling errors, which makes me wonder how much time and care was put into the game creation. The weighted scoring is interesting, but far too complex for a simple game.

The verdict

I’m sure this game would be quite enjoyable for the right group of people. Since it tries to highlight the differences between men and women, it’s best as a couples game. I found many of the themes off-putting and divisive. I love competitive games, but not when there’s a real risk of insulting half of the players.

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